Men of Montreal: Dustin Holloway On Display


Dustin Holloway‘s tool measures a good 7.5 inches and like most English Canadians his dick is cut. He was surprised when he was told that most French Canadian men are uncircumcised. MoM got him to do a solo soon after he arrived by train. This was a good way to get acquainted and make everyone feel comfortable.

Dustin will be back this summer to meet some other Men of Montreal. Stay tuned!

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Falcon Studios: Johnny Ryder, Dylan Knight and Hans Berlin


The staff at HH General is out of control. Dr. Billy Santoro is being fucked by a patient in an exam room while nurse Dylan Knight watches through a crack in the door, jerking on his huge cock. Dr. Johnny Ryder pushes an unconscious Hans Berlin into the Emergency Room where he catches Dylan in the act; but rather than reprimand him he drops to his knees to swallow the young stud’s dick. Hans comes to and can’t believe his eyes; his moans attract the attention of Dr. Ryder and Dylan who immediately strip the covers off of the confused patient and bring him into their unethical sexual exploits.

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Hot House: Mike De Marko and Nikko Russo


Mike De Marko kneels and pulls out Nikko Russo‘s girthy uncut cock. Nikko, smooth and muscled, slaps his dick on Mike’s face, stretching ropes of saliva and precum across Mike’s lips. Mike strokes his own enormous girth while deep throating Nikko. Clearly, this muscled, fuzzy stud knows how to suck dick. The two stand up and jerk off by pressing their cocks together, and then it’s Nikko‘s turn to get down on his knees.

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Staxus: Carl Ross and Noah Matous


Let’s face it, the balloons are a mere distraction at the start of this tremendous duo between Carl Ross and the floppy-haired demi-god bottom that is Noah Matous – but given the strength of this pairing what else would you honestly expect? Indeed, chances are you might not even notice the multi-coloured array as the two beauties play a form of tag together during the opening few minutes; and by the time they’re both out of their pants there’s absolutely no fucking chance that you’ll care about anything other than what these horned-up fuck-buddies have now got in mind!

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Maskurbate: Manuel Deboxer and Gabriel Clark


Gabriel was browsing through some ads while talking to a friend on the phone. Not looking for anything specific, he stumbled across what might be the most unbelievable ad… ‘Handyman, well-equipped, experienced and versatile, for various jobs. Satisfaction guaranteed. Call for a free estimate.’ Gabriel immediately called without even thinking about what he needed to repair. When Manuel Deboxer showed up and found out that he came over for nothing, Gabriel had to think of something to make it up to him…

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Amateur College Sex: Kellan, Colt and Leah


Since both Kellan and Colt know their way around the bedroom well, Corbin needed to do something to turn things up a notch and give them a sultry challenge. Just when they thought that Colt had experienced everything (many moments right at CF) they found out that there was still something he hadn’t experienced! So although Colt gets to be serviced by two hot partners, he has to do it blindfolded.

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QC Open Forum: Is The “Solo” Format Dead?

QC Open Forum: Is The “Solo” Format Dead?

This is a tale about a time when “Solos” ruled the porn industry. This type of scenes served two purposes, first and foremost to get you off looking at a hot guy but a second and not obvious purpose was to introduce the usually new performer to the audiences, jumpstart his career and in the case of camera-shy freshmen or first timers in the world of gay sex, to prepare them for future hardcore scenes with other partners. It worked because it was a win-win situation in all fronts so the format went to became ubiquitous. But times are a-changin and the trend seems to be fading.

With rumors flying around that leading studio SeanCody will be producing less and less solos as a part of a new strategy and other studios doing the same without being outspoken about it, with the notable exception of ChaosMen that has been producing solo updates in a more or less consistent way, we’re facing a new reality where high studio-quality masturbation scenes are cornered by other things in the menu. Is this out of necessity or need? Perhaps this is a good part to take into consideration the other elephant in the room, rampant piracy has severely impacted the Studios and they are forced to make cuts to keep themselves alive. Is this because live streaming is more profitable for the models and the live aspect is more enticing for the public? Has the Webcammer Star killed the Solo star? Or is it too soon to declare the solo format dead? Are we condemned to descent into a nation of cum-faking WebCammers?

Dear QC readers who love Solo scenes we’re interested in knowing your opinions! Join the discussion in the comments are don’t forget to vote on the poll!

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Hard Brit Lads: Brute Club and Jack Green


Prepare yourselves for a real scorcher, as sensational new hung hottie Brute Club gets an awesome servicing from super cute young Jack Green. Both lads are real stunners, and with his chiseled dark features, ripped body and huge cock, Brute proves himself to be a sensational top in his first sex scene. Starting off with kissing and mutual groping, Jack licks and sucks Brutes nipples as he rubs Brutes hefty swollen bulge.

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