Dirty Tony: Ezra Grey

Dirty Tony: Ezra Grey

Ezra Grey is hot young bro with the perfect touch of scruff and totally masculine stance. He is new to porn, but he is very happy to perform in front of the camera and he loves an audience when he gets it on. Ezra peels of his shirt to show off a lean perfectly toned body and ripped six-pack abs. His hands find their way underneath his shorts and start caressing his tool skin on skin until his shorts run out of room.

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Cocksure Men: Patrick Tyson and Sean Robson

cocksure men patrick sean

Ripped studs Patrick Tyson and Sean Robson kiss passionately, feeling each others bulging biceps. Sean pulls Patrick's shorts half way down and sucks his stiff cock. Patrick lifts Sean up placing him on a lounge chair. Sean flexes and pulls his shirt up exposing his chiseled abs. After Sean takes his shirt off Patrick pulls Sean's leg up showing his ASSets. Patrick plays with Sean's hole at the same time Sean strokes his cock. Patrick pulls his shirt off and starts to bareback Sean's raw ass.

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Men of Montreal: Nathan Fox

Men of Montreal: Nathan Foxmen-of-montreal-andrew-strong-sale.jpg

Nathan couldn't wait to get his shorts off and get things going. He quickly went for the shorts and peeled them off revealing a hardening dick that was pointing steadfastly upwards. Licking the tip, he started jerking off with gusto. He kept lubing his dick with his spit and was jacking it off with force when he raised his legs, lubed his fingers and started playing with his butt hole. He loved slapping his balls from time to time and his ass cheeks as well. Nathan Fox clearly is a natural show off.

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NextDoorBuddies: Joey Jay Fucks Luke Adams

NextDoorBuddies: Joey Jay Fucks Luke Adams

For Luke Adams, a quiet day at home in the kitchen is about to turn into quite a heated interaction. Distracting himself from his burning stove, Luke smells smoke about the same time as the fire department arrives, and though he's panicked and worried about his kitchen burning to the ground, he can't help but notice how hot the emergency response technician is.

Joey Jay is used to saving people from disaster, but what he's really good at his taking care of people asses after the threat has passed, and that's just what Luke is hoping for.

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ChaosMen: Jonas Fucks Zarek - RAW

ChaosMen: Jonas Fucks Zarek - RAW

Zarek has turned into an awesome submissive Bottom Boy! Despite that he is really quite hung and would make a great Top, he tends to like to have the other guy in control. He is no longer just 'taking' a cock, but is enjoying having it hit is prostate.

To start this video out, Zarek does a lot of cock worshiping, but Jonas is equally pleased to be sucking Zarek's fat cock.

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The Casting Room: Kiel

The Casting Room: Kiel

At TheCastingRoom, Kiel is a randy straight lad looking for some extra cash. He enjoys showing off his tattooed body and getting it off in public. The thrill of danger and possibility of being overseen while getting off gets his dick even harder.

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William Higgins: Elen Milek

william higgins elen milek

Elen Milek is aged 20 and is self-employed, though we don't learn what he actually does. In his spare time Elen likes sports, ice-hockey and jogging. What a beautiful guy Elen is, with that gorgeous face and lovely blond hair. He sits on the massage table for his interview, smiling as his answers questions about his first cumshot. Then he stands and removes his tee-shirt to show off his slim, nicely shaped body. Slowly, with a hand coyly covering his cock, Elen removes the jeans too. Then, leaning on the table, he shows off the cock, taking hold of it and wanking.

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Lucas Kazan: Raul Korso

lucas kazan raul korso

It's Raul Korso's month at Lucas Kazan. Raul's black hair, olive complexion and furry chest give away his roots: Italian AND Lebanese. Now, that's a truly Mediterranean mix! Someone told Raul he looked sexier (and perhaps more 'macho'), when pouting. He's been since posing for the camera that way. Bad habit, because the opposite is true: Raul's smile --when he does smile-- is so electric, so contagious, you can't resist it.

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Legend Men: Arron Mount

legend men arron mount

Mount is exactly what I'd like to do to Arron....repeatedly and as often as possible. Arron is built, ripped, stacked, jacked...choose your adjective. Adjectives almost seem insufficient to describe him, superlatives are more like it!! See more at Legend Men.

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CFNM.net - Compensation

CFNM.net - Compensation

At CFNM.net, whilst being stripped totally naked by the two fully-clothed women was embarrassing for Robbie, nothing compares to the feelings of vulnerability from being on all-fours on the desk with his anus on display.

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Falcon Studios: Jacked - Brent Corrigan and Sean Zevran

Falcon Studios: 33% OFF SPECIAL
Falcon Studios: Jacked - Brent Corrigan and Sean Zevran

AMAZING SEPTEMBER DISCOUNT FOR GRABS! Brent Corrigan is back at Falcon Studios and now there's a fantastic savings of 33% OFF SPECIAL going on! SUBSCRIBE NOW AND PUMP OFF!

Brent Corrigan and Sean Zevran face each other on the locker room bench, wearing only jockstraps, socks and sneakers. Passionate kisses start at the lips and travel south. Brent uncovers Sean's enormous, uncut cock from the jockstrap pouch for an expert blowjob that leaves Sean eager to return the favor. Brent leans back on the bench as Sean swallows Brent's cock all the way down to the ginger pubes.

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CMNM.net - Stewart Stripped

CMNM.net - Stewart Stripped

At CMNM.net, boss Stewart is one hard bastard. He marches through the office corridors barking orders and demanding his employees bow to his every command. But this dirty boss has been cheating on his wife with the big-titted girl from accounting who also happens to be one mouthy whore.

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