Queer Clicks: August 25, 2016 | This Man Had Sex With 365 Men in 365 Days, For Art, , & Other News

Photo by: David Brookton – Brian Justin Crum

This Man Had Sex With 365 Men in 365 Days, For Art

“Two years ago, Mischa Badasyan, a Russian-born, Berlin-based performance artist, set himself a challenge: to organize a date every day for a year. More importantly, he forced himself to have sex every day, whether with that date or not. While it may sound like a convenient way to live out a fantasy, for Badasyan, the project—titled Save the Date—was often a harrowing experience.” Vice.com

Swardspeak: The Secret Gay Language Going Mainstream in the Philippines

“Just after college, I went out west to Los Angeles and spent 2 wonderful weeks in a Filipino home and loved it. Before going to L.A. to stay with my college friend, she informed me that there was going to be English, Spanish, and Filipino / Tagalog spoken. I reminded her that I had heard her speaking all three over the phone before, mixing them all within the same sentence. I decided to study up on a couple of Tagalog phrases, but it turned out I’m not much of a linguist.” Instinct Magazine

Meet Logo’s ‘Gay Bachelor’, Robert Sepulveda Jr.

“Last month, news broke that Logo was producing a gay version of the reality dating competition show The Bachelor. To be titled, Finding Prince Charming, the show will have as its hunky bachelor an Atlanta-based interior designer named Robert Sepulveda Jr.” Towleroad

Brian Justin Crum On ‘America’s Got Talent,’ LGBT Bullying, And MOOVZ

“Brian Justin Crum has won the hearts of so many people all over the world, with his heartfelt performances on America’s Got Talent. Brian’s talent speaks for itself, but he has also used his new fame as a platform to inspire LGBT people who are bullied to #staystrong. Brian is set to perform on the LIVE shows for America’s Got Talent on August 23, 2016. Check out the interview below and if you are also inspired, remember to vote for him!” Huffington Post

Trevante Rhodes Shines in Moonlight, This Fall’s Essential Queer Black Film

“Trevante Rhodes doesn’t have much time to make an impression in the new film Moonlight. Along with child actors Alex Hibbert and Ashton Sanders, he’s one of three players embodying lead character Chiron at different stages of his life, and he doesn’t even appear until the final act. By then, Rhodes’s peers have done most of the legwork in giving shape to Chiron, a lonely Miami boy who’s quietly — and very slowly — coming to grips with being gay.” Out.com

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Matt Smith, Uncensored Naked Selfies Hit – The Dr Who Star Exposed His Butt And His “Sonic Screwdriver”!

Matt Smith, Uncensored Naked Selfies Hit - The Dr Who Star Exposed His Butt And His “Sonic Screwdriver”!

The Eleventh Doctor is packing!

You guys probably remember when we first reported about a photo of Matt Smith and his then-girlfriend Daisy Lowe naked in a bathroom. Back then the photo was part of a bigger leak (The Fappening) involving other female celebrities. Regarding Matt, the leak began and ended there. Well, apparently that original photo was not the only one!

It’s been a while now, but the full set of photos of Matt and Daisy has been made available. Our patience has been rewarded with another view of his tardis-sized cock. There’s also a cheeky photo of his butt and others where he’s covering his dick with his hand. This now complete set appears to have been taken on the same day and in the same infamous hotel bathroom. Suffice to say, fans of the former Dr. Who are ecstatic. Smith has stripped off his clothes in the movies in the past but nothing like this. Coincidentally he recently made clear that he doesn’t mind to be naked in front of a camera or on stage in front of a live audience. So there’s definitely hope that this may not be the last time we get to see him doing a full-frontal.

Make the jump to check out the UNCENSORED naked selfies of Matt Smith! What do you think of the “sonic screwdriver” between his legs? Let us know in the comments!

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English Lads: Jack Ashton


Young Footballer Jack is back and this time he gives you what you all asked for; hole and lots of hole he shows it off real good in this shoot and thank you Jack for giving up what you didn’t want to! After rising to fame over the last few years for his antics on social media Jack loves entertaining people by fooling around naked and as you can see on camera he is very laid back and cheeky.

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MormonBoyz: Elder Holland and President Nelson


Elder Holland was feeling quite vindicated after his latest encounter with Elder Oaks. He roused the young boy from sleep and face-fucked him until he choked.

Then he punished the boy’s tight hole with his thick shaft and painted the boy’s body with his cum.

Weeks earlier, the two boys had been caught messing around in their room. Holland was furious to have been disciplined by President Nelson, while Elder Oaks faced no consequences at all.

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William Higgins: Henri Nero


Henri Nero is from Prague and is 27 years old. This hot straight guy works as a bricklayer and enjoys, in particular soccer. What a stunning looking guy Henri is, he certainly impresses as he stands, shirt over one shoulder and showing off his hot body. He slides his jeans down and adjusts his underwear to tease with his bulge. Sitting on the bedframe his puts one foot on it to pose. Then Henri stands again, turning and pushing down the underwear to reveal his sexy ass. He poses in that position with hands behind his head.

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Next Door Raw: Markie More, Jake Davis and Ty Thomas


Ty Thomas has been planning a special birthday surprise for boyfriend Jake Davis for quite some time, and when Markie More knocks on the door looking even better than he does in his pictures, Ty realizes he’s made the right choice. He gives Markie the run down, and tells him that his boyfriend will be so turned on by the idea, but asks Markie if it’s ok if he watches. Markie obliges and Ty tells Jake to get his ass home pronto for his gift. Upon arrival, Ty’s promise comes true, as Jake is completely surprised but also very intrigued at his boyfriend’s gift.

See more at Next Door Raw.

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Active Duty: Jake Grey

Active Duty: Jake Grey
Active Duty 50% OFF!

This is Jake Grey and he’s quite a looker! Jake comes to Active Duty as a fresh, inexperienced recruit who’s willing and ready to strip down for his very first time on camera. Jake is soft spoken, but also exudes a quiet tough guy vibe. Once Claude gives him the green light, Jake takes his time warming up, feeling his bare chest up and down, letting us imagine his hands are ours. Boy, take a look at Jake’s flawless bod!

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Have You Ever Joined The “Mile High Stroke Club”?

Have You Ever Joined The “Mile High Stroke Club”?

QC Airline announced the arrival of its flight to “Oh God, I’m cumming on a Plane!” That’s one toilet cabin that is going to need cleaning asap!

We don’t know what it is, maybe it’s the high of being high in the sky? Whether it’s sex with your partner or with yourself, that particular place in the plane is sexually magnetic to some. Take this bearded hunky guy for example. He didn’t hesitate in stroking his uncut cock with all the other passengers waiting outside!

This super hot video arrives directly from the Premium section of Sticky. A FREE share we’re making available to all of our readers so you can see the many wonders to discover in our favorite section.

Watch the FULL video after the jump and don’t forget your experiences with being horny on an airplane. Are you also a member of the “Mile High Stroke Club”?

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ChaosMen: Justis and Sean Peyton – Serviced

ChaosMen: Justis and Sean Peyton - Serviced

Justis really dives in to this video!

Sean Peyton starts by playing with his cock through his shorts, but Justis is hard and ready to go. He looks around uncomfortably, not really sure where to look, but VERY turned on.

Despite Justis saying he is straight, Bryan is going to toss him in the ‘bi, at least’ category for now. He was very comfortable, and shaking with excitement, very much like we all did during our own first times.

‘First time’ videos are dubious, but he swears he has never done anything with a guy, so perhaps he has been saving-up for a situation where it would be “just a job.”

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Bentley Race: Jay Mercer

Bentley Race: Jay Mercer

When Ben first met Jay Mercer in Texas he was pretty nervous about meeting and what he was about to do. They met several times during his stay there to shoot some different scenes. This is the first of those shoots. It was a fairly dull day outside and Ben was relying on the light from outside. Luckily there were few people about because B. needed to keep all the window blinds up on the low level room to allow plenty of light in. Anyone in the car park outside would have gotten a great view of this 19 year old spunk showing off that rock hard body and big cock. The shoot went really well and Jay ended up having fun making it. Jay is super chilled and had no problem trying different positions and eventually getting completely naked, flexing and stroking his cock hard. For 19 years old, he is very mature and a really sweet guy. His photos and his videos all look great!

See more of him on BentleyRace.com

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Eric Deman Update

Eric Deman Update

We love POV videos, specially when they involve a super hot blowjob!

EricDeman found this young sucker in a public toilet and he was game for anything. In fact he was so eager to devour any cock that would be presented to him that he didn’t even bother taking his headphones off. The first guy that arrived was rewarded with a full BJ. Down on his knees he devoured not only the uncut cock but he took care of the balls too. The happy ending arrived and his face ended up covered in hot spunk!

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Eduardo Amaral, Olympic Brazilian Swimmer, Leaked Snapchat Video Exposes His Long Cock!

Eduardo Amaral, Olympic Brazilian Swimmer, Leaked Snapchat Video Exposes His Long Cock!

The 2016 Olympics might be over but there are still horny athletes competing for a gold medal in cock reveal!

18yo Brazilian swimmer Eduardo Amaral couldn’t make his debut in Rio but if he keeps his competing at this Olympic level, Tokyo 2020 will surely be his chance to shine. But you won’t have to wait another four years to see more of him! This medallist and breaststroke champion is one horny water devil. Eduardo made a Snapchat video where he slowly pulls down his pants and his hard cock quickly jumps out, the reveal is quite surprising as we get to see how long his dick is! We had our reservations about this leak but several South American media outlets have seemed to confirm that the guy in the video is indeed him.

Make the jump to check out the leaked Snapchat naked video from Olympic Brazilian swimmer Eduardo Amaral and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Japan Boyz: Davey’s Summer Mishap Part 2


Driving out to California to meet some hot guys, Davey de la Cruz chats as he grows. In this JapanBoyz.com episode, there are two very sexy guys who enjoy the same type of gaming. Having fun at the tournament, Davey brings him up to the hotel room; looks like game time isn’t over for either of these players. In the shower, the pair lathers as they kiss intimately. Wet and horny, they move to the bed to continue the fun; the boys are up and good to go as I get in some tight shots of Davey gobbling down Kai’s joystick. After some sexy 69ing, Kai gloves up his partner then gets on all fours. Pushing his thick cock into Kai, Davey lets out a sensual moan; soon the bottom echoes the feeling.

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