William Higgins: Adam Nezval

Adam Nezval is aged 21 and lives in Prague. This hot and handsome straight guy is a motor mechanic who enjoys sports, jogging and fitness. He looks so good as he sits on the edge of the desk at the start of his shoot, with a smile on his handsome face. Then he lifts his tee shirt and shows off a very hot chest. The tee shirt comes off and Adam stands up, posing to show that hot body.

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Next Door Studios: Paul Canon, Dalton Briggs, Ty Thomas, Jackson Traynor

With good friend Ty Thomas coming over, Paul Canon and his boyfriend Jackson Traynor prepare their den for a movie night. Ty brings his new roomie Dalton Briggs over with him. Straight boy Dalton is rumored to have a giant dick, at least that’s the rumor his ex-girlfriend is circulating, and as the movie drags on and Jackson and Dalton both fall asleep, Paul and Ty confer about the validity of this statement.

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Bel Ami: Dario Dolce and Derek Raser

Derek is definitely one of Bel Ami‘s bigger models at Bel Ami and can be seen every lunchtime in the office gym, fine tuning his appearance. While not as big and ripped himself, Dario is also in good shape, and certainly appreciates the manly presence of Derek. Dario is definitely the more experienced model here, so we will see how much of his experience he can pass off onto Derek. During the introduction to the clip, Marty describes Dario as a ‘sex machine’ and Derek seems to take that as a bit of a challenge, doing his best to keep up with everything Dario has to offer.

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Active Duty: Rix

Active Duty: Rix

We have a sexy new recruit today with a fat meaty cock that is begging for some extra solider attention but first Rix has to pass our solo boot camp to see if he can make it to the next phase in becoming a true Active Duty soldier. Rix is 22 standing 5 feet 10 inches and weighing 165lbs of pure sexiness. He’s musically talented and uses his skills on the guitar. Just like any other man, he likes to have a cold adult beverage and when he’s not rubbing his nut out for our viewers, he’s off sparing with his friends. Rix makes himself comfortable and begins to disrobe revealing his thick sexy cock.

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This Cute Scruffy Guy Has An Amazing Set Of Low-Hangers!

This Cute Scruffy Guy Has An Amazing Set Of Low-Hangers!

Imagine his equipment against your body!

The cock is amazing but check that magnificent set of low-hangers. This cute scruffy guy seems totally oblivious to how hot he is. But he seems perfectly aware that his huge boner is gonna attract an even bigger crowd!

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ChaosMen: Kouri Serviced by Bryan

ChaosMen: Kouri Serviced by Bryan

Kouri is definitely into mature guys, so Bryan thought he would step in and work his amazing cock.

He does watch quite a bit of porn during this video, but then you also notice he starts watching himself on the monitors. That turned him on even more.

It took Bryan 3-4 minutes to get his cock fully hard, and the trick was to play with his ass. He had said he loved to bottom for guys. From that point forward, B. played with his ass a lot in order to keep him charged-up.

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Alexander Skarsgard’s Full Frontal Scene In Big Little Lies – Real Cock Or Prosthetic Dick?

Alexander Skarsgard's Full Frontal Scene In Big Little Lies - Real Cock Or Prosthetic Dick?

[Note] This post contains Spoilers of episode six of Big Little Lies, consider yourself warned.

Alexander Skarsgard is no stranger to nudity in front of a camera but did he use a “stunt double” for the dangerous scene he was in?

He delighted us when he appeared completely naked on the season 6 finale of True Blood, he made our mouth water with his exposed butt on Generation Kill and his abs of steel stole the show on Tarzan. But so far this is beyond doubt the most shocking scene he has ever done because his penis was part of the plot. In case you are new to HBO’s BBL Alexander stars next to Nicole Kidman who plays his wife. The on-screen couple portray a mix of volatile scenes showing sex and domestic violence in equal parts. On this week episode Kidman’s character refused to have sex with him and the violence scaled dramatically. As a result Skarsgard’s got bashed, directly, on his exposed cock with a tennis racket. Later the script would clarify that his character received medical attention for a broken urethra. (If you are a man, read that again and try to not cross your legs!)

Forgetting the violence and the injury the moment sent fans of the show into a frenzy on social media. Many are wondering if the full-frontal was completely real or not at all. Since it was an action shot involving a sensitive, and exposed, area there could a mixture things at play. Editing could have seemingly transitioned a real cock to a prosthetic dick during the altercation or it could have been a fake penis the whole time. So far neither the actor nor the network have made comments on the sizeable package. So what are your thoughts?

Make the jump to see more of Alexander Skarsgard on Big Little Lies. Let us know what you think of his full frontal in the comments!

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