Active Duty: Cory and Tim

Active Duty: Cory and Tim

Active Duty muscular stud Tim takes rookie Cody to task in his first duo, and while Cody’s a bit nervous to be getting down with another guy on-screen, Tim isn’t fazed. In fact, he might be getting off on being paired up with such a fresh young fuck, because his cock is hard as a rock as Cody reaches over and puts his hand on its throbbing shaft. Tim remembers how it felt as a first-timer to try to get your cock hard under pressure, so he bends down to give Cody some warm encouragement.

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Tim Tales: Esteban and Sergi Rodriguez


When sexy hairy Muscleboy Sergi was in town Tim Tales organized a meeting for them because they think watching a slim guy with a huge cock fucking a big muscleguy is one of the hottest things. And if all this is bareback and ends with some nice ass seeding even better. Sergi is a new man on Timtales but you will all agree that he should be seen again here. And we promise he will.

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03 May 15 By Dave 4 Comments

Staxus: Hector Agusti and Noah Matous


Okay, so Hector Agusti isn’t the best darts player in the world – but that’s not a problem to young Noah Matous. In fact, the horny little twink doesn’t really have the slightest bit of interest in the black dude’s sporting prowess. All this filthy-minded dude wants is to get his hands on the Dutchman’s oversized weiner; and suffice it to say that it doesn’t take the lad many seconds to work his way into Agusti’s pants so that he can have a generous feast on the thick, uncut black salami that the fellow keeps stashed inside.

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Hard Brit Lads: Prince Sayed


Starting off with an interview, tall, dark and handsome bisexual lad, Prince Sayed, chats about how he keeps fit and what he is into. He has a laid back, relaxed manner and a deep sexy voice. The solo begins with some horny bulge play on the sofa, and he takes off his top and shorts to reveal his broad shoulders, firm pecs, ripped six pack and hairy legs. Taking off his shorts, he has a huge thick bulge in his white sports briefs.

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Bel Ami: Marc Ruffalo and Brian Jovovich


Bel Ami though of titling this clip ‘From up and down to in and out’ for reasons that are immediately evident, but then decided to stick to the convention of just naming the boys. Continuing on their theme of summertime fun we have Marc and Brian enjoying bouncing each other around a bit as a prelude to the action that we all know is to follow.. The scene, shot by Luke at our of our regular Budapest locations has Marc taking it from Brian in every which way he can.

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GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week

GWiP's Top Ten Of The Week

This new edition of GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week is one mountain of muscles we’d like to climb! And we’re sure that at the top of that mountain of ripped bodies we could find the GWiP’er of your dreams with all the perfect features that you desire in a man. Maybe a huge set of pecs or muscular tights. How about a ginormous cock or a perfect bubble butt? Look no further all that is here waiting for you to choose him as your favourite. Go ahead, pick him and champion him in the comments!

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02 May 15 By G. 13 Comments

Steve Grand Doesn’t Want To Be Treated As A Piece Of Meat

Steve Grand Doesn't Want To Be Treated As A Piece Of Meat

When you are as hot as he is must be hard for out singer/songwriter Steve Grand to be taken seriously by the music industry, specially if your have a porn connection in your past. Davey Wavey is no stranger to “friends” guys with backgrounds in the adult film industry so he’s going to give Steve a hand, a well-oiled hand, to overcome that disgusting (to him) misconception that he’s just a singing piece of meat. You be the judge if they succeeded debunking that. All we can say is that funny skit aside, Davey’s eyes were filled with lust and that was not acting, he seemed ready to continue the oiling to Steve southern regions!

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Men of Montreal: Marko Lebeau & Kyle Champagne

Men of Montreal: Marko Lebeau & Kyle Champagne

After some mutual cock sucking action, Marko was the first one to pierce his partner’s hole. Kyle was ready and eager and loved getting plowed. Marko, on the other hand, took a bit more time accustoming his hole to Kyle’s large and downward bent raging cock. Marko was the first to shoot his load and spurted his love juice all over Kyle‘s face and beard. Shortly after, Kyle let out a load of cum that flew out of his dick in every direction. All was good in this team up as the two headed to the showers after they wrapped it up.

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02 May 15 By Laam 3 Comments Adam Herst, Johnny Rapid, Scott Harbor, Travis Stevens and Will Braun


Adam Herst is the first to admit that he is the biggest pervert in town. Watch as his stepson, Travis Stevens, gets double penetrated while being sucked in this scorching hot orgy. Johnny Rapid, Scott Harbor, and Will Braun are all there to take part in the fun. See Travis take four hot loads of cum to his cute face.

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