Dirty Tony: Tony Barcia

dirty tony tony barica

Tony Barcia is a hot young Italian guy, with a great smile, thick mane of hair and beautiful olive skin. To stay in shape, he loves motor cross, hanging out at the gym and fucking for a good workout. When this young stud is not out getting admiring glances from suitors, he likes to strip down and show off the rest of his assets. Once his shirt comes off, you can see right away why he is in demand. Tony has a lean and perfectly toned body with ripped abs. Underneath his pants, it is easy to see his bulge growing as he runs his hands across it.

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All Australian Boys: Hunter

all australian boys hunter

Skateboarder Hunter originally from New Zealand is into playing football and competition swimming. His smooth hairless body and his great skin tone make him look younger than his 19 years. He was very shy at first, boyishly blushing a lot during the shoot. You will see this many times. Once All Australian Boys got this shy country boy to take off his pants, then he was fine. Pulling himself till he blew.

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ChaosMen: Dusty and Dorian Ferro - RAW

ChaosMen: Dusty and Dorian Ferro - RAW
ChaosMen - Giblets and Butt Stuffing Marathon

Dorian was down to get fucked, and Bryan knew Dusty would be just the guy for him!

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All American Heroes: Seth and Tyler

All American Heroes: Seth and Tyler

Private Seth and Private Tyler compared their hot bodies. Seth has built some major thighs that Tyler definitely likes the look of. After some field workout to pump those muscles these two studs are ready for some different kind of action. Seth pulled his buddy's pants down and goes to work on Tyler's thick cock jawing down until he gets it all in. Tyler wants to show his oral skills too as he holds Seth's cock deep in his throat before going down to lick his balls before flipping him over to taste his ass. Once Tyler's hole is nice and opened up, Seth slides his thick rod deep in and starts pumping away, he can't hold back his moans as Seth nails his prostate over and over. A huge load will be the reward for the intense work out.

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ChaosMen: Brannon and Brenner - Serviced

ChaosMen: Brannon and Brenner - Serviced
ChaosMen - Giblets and Butt Stuffing Marathon

Bryan thought he would let Brenner try his hand at a massage with a happy ending.

Brenner, of course, loves a guy with hot muscles, and is most impressed when guys have big pecs. So he really was into rubbing on Brannon!

Nice thing about Brannon is he is happy to give head back, but Brenner is all about sucking his cock and licking his hole. He has his face buried deep, so you know he loved eating this muscle ass!

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Happy Twerky Day!

Bentley Race: Jake Jensen

bentley race jake jensen

It's the beginning of summer in Australia and Bentley Race has gotten extremely busy shooting with a load of new guys. Bentley was really excited this week to meet up once again with his red headed mate Jake Jensen. Bentley has been trying to tie the sexy 23 year old down for a shoot for several months. So you can imagine how excited he was when he called last week and said that he was back in Melbourne and ready to get in front of the camera again. Things might have gotten a little out of hand....

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Colt Studio: Buck Santiago

colt studio buck santiago

With his chiseled torso, rock-hard abs and a sexy penetrating stare, shirtless COLT Man Buck Santiago makes a wonderful first impression in his COLT debut. In his luxurious and modern home Buck's intense sexual energy fills the screen. Opening up to the camera, Buck sheds his jeans and displays a truly gifted piece of uncut manhood. Sensuously stroking the long inches of his shaft Buck's man-juice surges in a stream of white hot cum shooting high. A great first impression indeed and a welcome addition to the COLT Stable of Men.

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Sean Cody: Brady (3)

Sean Cody: Brady (3)

Brady is such a handsome chap with an amazing friendly smile. Tight lean and muscular body with a bubbly butt that is to die for, we are totally looking forward to him partnering with the other Sean Cody boys for some hot sexual fun!

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Mormonboyz: Elder Berry and Elder Stewart

mormonboyz elder berry stewart

Elder Berry fucks himself with a dildo while fantasizing about all the hot, gay sex he's had with Elder Stewart.

The two young men have really enjoyed being companions. They haven't had many converts, but they have forged a very special intimacy with each other. They always knew that one day they'd be transferred, but it's still a shock when the call comes from the mission office. The morning of the transfer, they wake up early to shower and head to the mission home to meet their new companions. Elder Stewart jumps in the shower first, while Elder Berry sleeps a little longer. Elder Berry lies face down on the bed, wearing nothing but his garments. As soon as his companion is out of the room, he starts to grind his morning wood into the mattress

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Eastboys: Rodrigo Rossallini

eastboys rodrigo rossallini

This is next best thing to having Rodrigo over and feeling his body by yourselves. You can feel his rock hard bulging muscles thanks to unbelievably sensual footage of the Eastboys' producer, and it can hardly get better than this. This is for all you muscle lovers out there! And what more, nice surprise in the end! Guess what it is?

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Broke Straight Boys: Zak Parker And Dakota Ford

broke straight boys zak dakota

Zak Parker is a little less forward than Dakota Ford, but that's okay because the shy versus assertive thing makes it so much hotter when Dakota moves in for a kiss. He has Zak stand up in front of him and drop his pants as he takes Zak's dick in his mouth and deepthroats it, stroking it with his hand as he licks it up and down. Dakota gets his own pants off so he has better access to his cock, jerking his prick while he sucks on Zak's meat.

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