Falcon Studios: Sean Zevran and Brandon Evans

Sergeant Sean Zevran comes up behind his subordinate, Brandon Evans, and grabs his ass. Brandon is taken off guard. ‘I see everything in in this camp,’ Sean says. ‘I know you two have been sneaking out in the middle of the night to suck each other off.’ Sean pulls Brandon’s pants off and asks if he likes sucking dick. Brandon denies it once but after a berating from Sean, he finally admits that he does indeed like sucking dick. Sean pushes Brandon to his knees and slides his thick, uncut pole all the way down Brandon’s throat.

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Stroking His Fat Cock In The Middle Of A Road!

Stroking His Fat Cock In The Middle Of A Road!

We always love an exhibitionist with a FAT cock!

The beefy body of this outdoorsy guy was simply amazing. Then, we saw his dick. It’s the kind of cock you NEED to see in motion to truly understand and appreciate the size of it. He started wanking in the middle of a rural road. After a few spit-lubed strokes things got chilly outside and he continued the stroking inside his car. Just imagine to the kind of ride you could get with this horny hunk!

Another gem found at the Premium section of Sticky. This FREEBIE will surely leave you wanting for more, go Premium and get immediate access to incredibly hot content, new videos, clips and pics are added every day.

Watch the complete video after the jump and share your opinions in the comments!

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Active Duty: Scott, Dominic & Quentin Gainz

Active Duty: Scott, Dominic & Quentin Gainz

These three hunks begin blowing each other in beautiful fashion on the bed. They get in a circle of motion and all mouths have cocks in them or a sexy ass. Quentin takes the lead and shows the young bucks how it’s done as they shift from one position to another kissing and rubbing their bodies. Quentin is always first to go deep in that ass as he fucks both Scott and Dominic before handing off the reigns to his fellow vets.

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Kristen Bjorn: Diego Lauzen and Ivan Gregory

Kristen Bjorn: Diego Lauzen and Ivan Gregory

Ivan Gregory and Diego Lauzen are both on tour and are thrilled to find out that they are both in the same beautiful city. Ivan invites Diego over for a drink. They are both familiar with the others show, but now they have the opportunity to go live with each other. Both men are overly impressed with the others muscular attributes and enjoy every sensual touch from the other. Diego unleashes his throbbing beast as Ivan takes it into his hand and strokes the long, meaty shaft. The sensation of that hot cock in his hand only forces his own beefy cock to demand equal attention. Ivan then takes both hefty cocks into his hand allowing the foreskins to glide over the bulbous heads and expose both cock’s full magnificence. Ivan is hungry for that hot Brazilian cock and begins to worship it as any would at the base of a deity. Working his mouth and blistering tongue up and down the shaft of Diego’s cock brings both men to a new level of heightened pleasure. Diego moves into position and demonstrates to Ivan that he too knows how to worship that which is deserving of such service.

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Queer Clicks: July 23, 2017 | Meet The 22-Year-Old Hunk Who’s Giving Us Some Serious Daddy Issues, This Naughty Ornament Is Perfect For The Thirstiest Hoes On Your List, & Other News

This Naughty Ornament Is Perfect For The Thirstiest Hoes On Your List

“We know it’s crazy early to be talking about Christmas in July, but some of you overachievers like to have a leg up on the basic bitches when it comes to looking ahead for unique gift and decoration options.” Instinct

Meet The 22-Year-Old Hunk Who’s Giving Us Some Serious Daddy Issues

“We all know that summer is the season of thirst, and this guy isn’t helping. Posting an endless stream of underwear selfies, always leaving us thirsty for more. But who are we kidding, we love it!

Need a hand with that showering, David?” Gay Times

Think You Can You Guess The Sexual Orientation Of Total Strangers?

“Hey you, wielding that magnificently ornate hand-fan and insistently telling everyone your gaydar is on point. Drop that magnificent fan at once, and tell us: Do you really think you can guess the sexual orientation of a total stranger.”
Kevin D. Hoover | Model: Dillan Jackson

Dillan Jackson By Kevin D. Hoover

“Our mate, Kevin is teasing us with a few of the images from his new book PROVOCATION: Volume 1.

It shows stunning faces, muscular bodies, raw intensity. It is a sexy, sexual, bold, yet intimate collection of photos in the first in a series of erotic nudes that captures the beauty of the male form as seen through the lens of Kevin D. Hoover.” DNA

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GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week

GWiP's Top Ten Of The Week

This new GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week is a vortex of testosterone!

Ten decidedly manly GWiP’ers are here to shine in their own right. But there’s no doubt that this is a competition and they want to eclipse their competitors at the first chance they get. Any asset can be used as a weapon here. Muscled torsos, perfect abs, incredible butts and humongous cocks. And the best part of this frantic demonstration of male power and beauty is that we all win in any given scenario!

Make the jump to have a feast with these insanely hot GWiP’ers. Rank them in the order of your preferences and don’t forget to share your picks in the comments!

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My 10 Inches: Fucking Luke Tyler

Rocco was at Gay Days last week where he ran into a fantastic bottom, Luke Tyler. He wanted to take all of Rocco‘s cock and Rocco DEFINITELY wanted to give it to him. They got a camera guy, and decided to share their hard hitting bareback fuck session.Luke can certainly take a pounding. Rocco fucked him in four different positions and he was begging for more the whole time, until he came all over his hole and slid his cock back inside him.

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Helix Studios: Ezra Michaels

Ezra Michaels is a rare find, the kind of guy you’d see in a glossy fashion magazine and fantasize about fucking the shit out of you. In a master suite’s plush bathroom, Ezra strips down and seductively shows off his chiseled bone structure and tight, tanned body before hopping in the shower. The hot hunk puts on one hell of a show, and as the warm water caresses his cock, so does he.

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William Higgins: Erik Janek

Erik Janek is aged 23 and lives in Prague. He is a great looking straight guy who works as a operator and enjoys sports, jogging and fitness. He sits on the edge of the bed for his interview. The this sexy guy lays on the bed and starts to feel all over his body, through his clothes. He gropes himself and opens his jeans. Then he takes off his tee shirt to show his hot body. He pull his cock out of the jeans and starts to wank it.

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