Bel Ami: Claude Sorel

Bel Ami: Claude Sorel

Claude Sorel is just so fucking beautiful. That handsome and near perfection face with a gorgeous smile is simply too mesmerising!

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Falcon Studios: Sexo In Barcelona - Marc Dylan and Damien Crosse

Falcon Studios: 33% OFF SPECIAL
Falcon Studios: Sexo In Barcelona - Marc Dylan and Damien Crosse

It is AWESOME September! Falcon Studios is now having a 33% Promo Special! GRAB YOURS TODAY!

When Marc Dylan answers his doorbell, Damien Crosse bursts in with such force, you suspect foul play. Bodies collide, tongues meet, and the intruder's momentum propels Marc into the bedroom, whereupon they fall on the bed. Damien's too horned up to waste a second. While they're bouncing on the bed from the impact, Damien's got his shirt off. By the second bounce, Marc has removed his and Damien is sucking his cock.

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Corbin Fisher: Harper Breaks In Lance

Corbin Fisher: Harper Breaks In Lance

Not only is Lance armed with a thick and muscular build, but his cock is so thick and hot we were eager to see him driving it in to another guy's ass as soon as possible. Lance showed himself to be quite the passionate, fun-loving stud in his first ACS action episode, and that just made us want to see him with a guy all the more. Thankfully, Lance agreed to give it a shot and it's Harper who's lucky enough to bottom for Lance in the action here.

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Blake Mason: Bruno Bernal

blake mason bruno bernal

Gorgeous is not an adequate word to describe Brazilian muscular hunk Bruno. He's now living in London and he's arrived to show off and share his uncut dick with some of the other guys, and Blake Mason is so happy to have him! The versatile guy has an amazing body, and he knows how to use it. He's had some great sexual experiences, and they plan to give him many more after seeing him wanking the cum from his cock in this excellent solo. Stay tuned, there's some great action to come from this guy!

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Raging Stallion: Lawson Kane and Shawn Wolfe

raging stallion lawson shawn

Lawson Kane, with his bulging pecs and giant uncut cock, is an embodiment of masculinity. With a bar through one nipple, a tat above the other, and a beard accenting his self-assured face, one look at Lawson lets you know that he can satisfy any craving. Hairy, eager Shawn Wolfe wastes no time, playing with Lawson's nipples as their lips connect with explosive sexuality. Lawson's hands are also all over Shawn: one stroking his furry chest, the other pleasuring his ass.

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ChaosMen: Trian

ChaosMen: Trian

Trian is single dad, former military, and just looking at ways he can bring in some extra money with his extra big cock. It ranges from 7.5-8" but it has that amazing girth to it that makes it even more ginormous. Not only is he happy with his cock, but he knows that guys like his ass also. Definitely not shy about showing it off, or letting a dude put his cock there!

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Active Duty: Jake and Niko

Active Duty: Jake and Niko

Niko is on a winning strike! He has serviced the best cocks ActiveDuty has to offer and this time he's about to feels what is like to be impaled by the cock of newbie Jake. There's so much kissing and licking and groping and moaning... Niko is probably in seventh heaven. Jake's fat dick is as big as the size of Tennessee. The guys probably did every position in the book but you have to see Niko as he lowers himself onto Jake's dick to starts bouncing atop it. That's a sight to behold!

More after the jump!

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The Casting Room: Ben

The Casting Room: Ben

Hetero wild boy Ben isn't a stranger to being naked on camera. When he's out partying with his friends he likes becoming the centre of attention. Somehow his clothes always come off and he drunkenly performs for the cheering crowd. It's only natural that he wants to take his exhibitionist tendencies to the next step and perform in a porn film. In the intense environment of The Casting Room he becomes more self conscious and nervous but still finds the experience thrilling.

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Sadistic Master Derek Rimmed by Sub at Brutal Tops

Sadistic Master Derek Rimmed by Sub at Brutal Tops

At BrutalTops, horny Master Derek returns to dish out more damage to his feeble sub Elliott. The angry top is in a vicious mood this time and harshly verbally mistreats the squirming bottom. He lashes out at him with a belt and makes him lick his stinking armpits. Then he orders the sub to pull down the Master's shorts to reveal his huge cock which is soon rammed into the face of the worm-like sub. Elliott has no alternative but to lick the Master's bell end.

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Gayhoopla: David Vano

gayhoopla david vano

Professional fighter David Vano shows off his incredible kick boxing and boxing skills. This is definitely the guy you want on your team in a scuffle. What we like most about David is how pure and soulful he is. He's a very well thought out individual, who feels one with the earth. Check out this mystical stud as he bares all and gives you direct access to his mind and body.

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In the video The Claim at CFNMTV, Henry Lemming thought all he'd have to do was to see a doctor and have his ears examined in order to get a generous payoff from his employer.

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Less Labor, More Pleasure - The Aneros is ON SALE!

aneros labor day

It's a holiday weekend here in the US and what better way to celebrate than to get yourself an exquisite sex toy! We have had some experience with this little guy, and like the adage goes...don't let the size fool you. The Aneros could very well give you the most intense orgasm you have EVER HAD!

Check out a 'hands on' review by donmike here.

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