Men Over 30: Rikk and Damien

men over 30 rikk damien

Romance is alive and well in Men Over 30's "Love and Lather," featuring gorgeous hunks Rikk and Damien. It begins when an amorous Rikk surprises his beloved Damien with a warm, intimate bath right out of a Harlequin Romance -- complete with candles, champagne and strawberries. This makes Damien agog with passion and he lustfully thrusts his voracious tongue deep into Rikk's juicy mouth, tasting everything his lover has to offer. The robes quickly drop to the floor just in time. The ardent lovers are soon sitting cozily in their steamy bath, feeding each other strawberries while sipping on the bubbly. Their savage love-making begins when Rikk takes Damien's throbbing manhood in his mouth, savoring every last inch.

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Staxus: Drew Paskin and Johny Cruz

staxus drew johny

This scene from Staxus' "Abused" series, "Handcuffed & Humiliated," stars Johny Cruz as a bad-assed motherfucker who torments the poor, handcuffed Drew Paskin. If you're in the mood for a dungeon-based thriller, this is the ticket right here. After manhandling young Paskin, Cruz throws his captive to the dirty floor and drags him to a conveniently placed couch. Once there, the dungeon master proceeds to fuck his slave in the face -- with his big balls slamming hard against the helpless Paskin's chin.

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Bel Ami: Alan Kinney

Bel Ami: Alan Kinney

Alan Kinney comes from the Czech Republic and is blessed with refined and rather suave good looks, lean body and great ass. He is just too mesmerizing to not keep looking at him!

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Gayhoopla: Max Summerfield and Jeff Niels

gayhoopla max jeff

Max Summerfield and Jeff Niels got a long really well during Gayhoopla's weekend getaway. They were virtually inseparable, talking about their lives, cracking jokes, and comforting each other during there first gay sex scenes ever. Gayhoopla has released a few videos of both these guys, but this was actually the first cock each of them had ever taken. Jeff was a pro from the beginning who seemed to thoroughly enjoy his friend Max. Max on other hand had the jitters and was super nervous.

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Raging Stallion: Race Cooper, Shawn Wolfe, Boomer Banks, Trelino, Tyson Tyler and Dato Foland

raging stallion race shawn boomer trellino dato

Six intertwined, sweating bodies slither and crawl across each other. Every man finds a partner for fucking. Tyson Tyler plows Shawn Wolfe, adding lots of pelvic gyrations. Trelino's ass belongs to Dato Foland and Race Cooper rides the big fantastic of Boomer Banks' foot of schlong. The bouncing buns and throbbing cocks blend new and familiar faces with skin of every color. The grunting and groaning kick up the heat level. Ultimately, the energy focuses on Shawn, whose inviting ass becomes a black hole, sucking in every cock in sight in a champion gang bang.

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At, macho Paul puts up quite a protest, but after having his asshole teased this masculine lad is aching to empty his balls. The "doctors" confidently take command of his genitals tugging on his cock and stroking his sizeable balls till the moaning bastard releases all his pent up sperm.

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The Casting Room: Tom

The Casting Room: Tom

New at TheCastingRoom, Tom is a martial arts expert and horny tough fucker. It's horny staring into his entrancing green eyes while he talks about the ways he likes to screw. As a straight guy who likes to experiment with dirty new ways to get off, he's enthusiastic about getting paid to explore his nasty boy side. Tattooed and well-trained he is prepared to do whatever is needed to get the job done even if it's being cast in videos only with other men. He bends over to show off his tight untouched arsehole and works up a stiff erection to flash at the camera.

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ChaosMen: Jonas Fucks Sinclar RAW

ChaosMen: Jonas Fucks Sinclar RAW

Sinclair has had a long-term girlfriend that has been on and off for many years. They have been 'on' for the last year. She seems to be the one in charge, and allowing him to do more porn was not going to happen.

But, now it sounds like it off for good, and as soon as it ended, Bryan got an email from him, wanting come in and play.

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At, in the cramped nightclub toilet cubicle Roxy is on her hands and knees wanking Oleg's cock as instructed. The big doorman has no idea just how strong Roxy's stuff is - but he's about to find out.

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Gratuitous Post Of The Day - Zac Efron Dating Dave Franco


We have a new Tinseltown couple! Zac Efron is now dating Dave Franco.

And big brother, James Franco, endorses and sends his blessings. Proof after the jump.

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Corbin Fisher: Connor and Tanner's POV Fuck

Corbin Fisher: Connor and Tanner's POV Fuck

Once you saw this pairing had Connor and Tanner, we think you knew how hot this episode would be. Tanner is, without a doubt, one of Corbin Fisher's most enthusiastic bottoms and looks incredible on the receiving end of a hard pounding. Connor is probably Corbin Fisher's resident stud top right now, and can deliver a fucking like no other. Put them together and everything is in place for something that is beyond hot.

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men com toby colby

Colby Keller tops Toby Dutch in Part 4 of's summer epic "Gay of Thrones". Intense kissing and oral action leads to deep pounding or Toby's tight hole.

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