Broke Straight Boys: Owen Michaels And Gage Owens


Gage gets down on his knees and puts Owen’s dick in his mouth, letting Owen face fuck him as he drools all over that sweet cock while we get a nice view of Owen’s impressive bubble butt! When Owen can’t resist his craving for dick any longer, he wraps his mouth around Gage’s prick and sucks, licking Gage’s hairless balls while Gage watches from above.

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Men of Montreal: Sexual Tension – Brandon Jones & Pierre Fitch


Pierre Fitch and Brandon Jones know how to deliver one dick-jerking performance. These two Montreal-native giants of porn were drawn to each other as they arrived on set. Pierre’s King Kong cock was anxious to fill up the power bottom’s sex-starved hole. They went at it guns blazing as Pierre pounded Brandon’s ass. So intense was it that the four-legged chair Brandon was lying back in, turned into a rocking chair tilting back and forth with every thrust of Pierre fat cock.

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QC’s Wish You Were Queer: David Pocock

QC's Wish You Were Queer: David Pocock

Aussie rugby player David Pocock is probably one of the strongest supporters of LGBT rights and fighter against bullying and homophobia in sports. Just seeing him during a match bravely denouncing an adversary for using homophobic slur scores thousands of points in our book. His popularity in that front is probably only surpassed by Ben Cohen and much like with his English college we wonder if it’s wrong or politically incorrect to publicly lust over his perfect physique. That blond curly hair, the movie star smile, those legs, that promising bulge, his bubble butt! It is almost just too much concentrated hotness to keep our eyes busy for a very long time that we need to remind ourselves “focus, focus, he’s an straight ally”. Would it be too much of a sin to put political correctness aside for a few minutes to celebrate his beauty? We ask you QC reader, would you like to have David playing for our team? Join the conversation in the comments!

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Lucas Entertainment: Letterio Amadeo, James Castle and Ashton Summers Fuck Bareback

Lucas Entertainment: Letterio Amadeo, James Castle and Ashton Summers Fuck Bareback

Lucas Entertainment exclusive model Ashton Summers is having his debut scene in what will be collected into the future film “Raw Threeway”. Ashton is a professionally trained ballet dancer, which comes in handy for handling his body during sex. Letterio Amadeo makes a return to give Ashton a test drive alongside James Castle.

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Sean Cody: Ben (4)

Sean Cody: Ben (4)
Sean Cody $1 Trial Promo

Ben has been playing soccer for about 10 years since he was a kid. The 21 year old chap is defender. When the clothes are off, we are loving the beautiful pink cock of this handsome lad! Definitely looking forward to a good pairing of the other Sean Cody men, as Ben’s cock can really fire off some awesome loads of white sticky cum! DAYUM!

Sean Cody has taken the unprecedented step of offering a $1 trial and yearly memberships for only $10 per month.

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ChaosMen: Vin

ChaosMen: Vin

Vin is Italian and has done some solo and cam work before. To Bryan he looks like actor Eric Balfour and is SUPER sexy. They could be cousins!

He has a lot more experience in front of a cam, and his ChaosMen Solo shows how comfortable he is. Previously he was not keen on doing guy-guy work, but now thinks he can get past his limits. We shall see.

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