Maverick Men Directs: Kinda Sorta Straight


Ever wanted two straight guys over to your house for some beers and then you pay them to fuck each other in the ass while you watch, lol? Well here it is, Maverick Men have two gay-for-pay guys with muscles, tats, big hard asses, and big cocks. They both asked if they could watch straight and trans porn to get in the zone. In the end, watching these two hard-core closet cases go at it was an absolute pleasure.

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Helix Studios: Ryan Bailey & Tyler Hill


After a highly anticipated photoshoot in the park, outdoor cuties Ryan Bailey and Tyler Hill retired to a nearby fuck-nest for a post-shoot screw. Once inside, the two began with some kissing and rubbing as they stripped the pesky clothing from each other. Tyler then kissed his way down the front of his new found friend until he reached the promised land and immediately began to dine on his partner’s long, rock solid member.

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Falcon Studios: Sebastian Kross and Andrea Suarez


Lips locked in passionate kisses, studs Sebastian Kross and Andrea Suarez make their way towards the bed. Andrea tugs down Sebastian’s jeans, revealing the huge bulge of Sebastian’s hard cock inside his tight, white briefs. Their sexual heat is boiling over as Andrea kneels down to service Sebastian’s massive meat. Sebastian reclines on the bed as Andrea deep throats his humongous cock. Fingering his own hole, Andrea signals that he wants more.

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Raging Stallion: Adam Ramzi and Tegan Zayne


Intense kissing erupts between Adam Ramzi and Tegan Zayne. Their hands grope each other’s naked bodies and hard cocks, and their tongues explore each other’s mouths. The connection between these two hairy studs fills each with a craving for more. Falling to his knees, Tegan engulfs Adam’s cock with his mouth, swallowing it to the base. After servicing Adam’s cock, Tegan offers up his ass to Adam’s lips.

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Bearded Ginger Covers His Pierced Nipples With Cum!


Horny ginger must bust a nut stat! Check that magnificent rod that became a fountain of cum and ended up covering his entire chest, and pierced nipples. You can top this kind of wank, and be grateful because we’re sharing this entire video for FREE so you can have a taste of the incredible selection we have at the Premium section of Sticky. Make the jump to watch this horny ginger and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Active Duty: Quentin Gainz & Zack Matthews

Active Duty: Quentin Gainz & Zack Matthews
Active Duty 50% OFF!

Active Duty veteran squad leader, Quentin Gainz, paired up with a more recent favourite, Zack Matthews. The boys spend a couple minutes loosening up and fattening their cocks. Once the clothes come off, Zack takes initiative and leans over for a mouthful of Quentin’s beautiful dick. We know Quentin and we know that when he gets the urge to suck cock, there ain’t nothin’ stopping him. After a few minutes, Quentin already wants to switch in order to get Zack’s throbbing dong between his lips. The guys move naturally into some passionate, slow-and-deep kissing. Gosh, these guys know how to smooch! This is something we get to see multiple times here, and each time they kiss seems to be more sensuous. Well this turns out to be too much excitement to put off the fucking any longer.

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MenAtPlay: In The Shadows – Dato Foland and Logan Moore

MenAtPlay: In The Shadows - Dato Foland and Logan Moore

Ever since Dato Foland’s return to MenAtPlay, Logan Moore has been asking to get fucked by him, and how could we say no when the thought of these two together is enough to get the blood rushing to your dick. These two men are pure perfection – Logan with his beautiful face, perfect ass, and ‘fuck me’ eyes. And Dato… well basically everything about Dato. Put them together and the result is perfect chemistry.

A leather-clad Dato baits the handsome business-man at the bar, leading him straight into the backroom where he can have him all to himself. His dick in his hand and stroking it slowly, Dato waits for Logan to get down onto his knees and blow him like only a cock-hungry bottom can. And Logan doesn’t even worry about ruining his expensive suit so long as he swallows Dato’s uncut meat.

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GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week


It’s about to get hot in here, a new GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week has arrived! Look at those bodies, they are all winners in our eyes but, how can you pick just one?
And although there are ten spots, two “bonuses” have crashed our lineup as they have tagged along with their partners to increase their chances of getting more mention in the comments, will that strategy work? Guess we’re about to find out! Perfect bodies, huge cocks, and horny situations captured with their iPhones are going to send you over the moon. Make the jump to discover your next favorite GWiP’er and don’t forget to share your pick in the comments!

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Staxus: Jeffrey Lloyd and Tony Conrad Enjoy a Flood of Piss and Cum


Pity the poor folks who had to clean up after Tony Conrad and Jeffrey Lloyd met up for this tremendous piss and spunk fiesta, which begins – innocuously enough – with Conrad jigging his butt for the camera in a deliciously hot pair of cheek-exposing Barcode Berlin shorts. Not that he’s alone in his antics for very long. Soon Lloyd is joining the fray dressed in a butt-clinging wrestling suit; at which point the action turns decidedly hardcore, with both boys taking it in turns to unleash their meaty, uncut swords and in order to engage in a hot, sweaty session of cock-sucking.

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Broke Straight Boys: Brandon Evans And Junior Fernandez


Broke Straight Boys likes to give their members what they want, and they want to see Brandon Evans top, so today his going to be fucking their new guy Junior Fernandez to welcome him to BSB! Brandon starts with a slow massage, sliding his hands across Junior’s body as he reaches for that cock and they make out, slowly losing their clothes as Junior makes his way down to Brandon’s dick.

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